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The LEIAB composite window system...

...advanced Swedish design

LEIAB is situated in Mariannelund, Sweden, and is one of the market's leading bespoke manufacturers of inward opening windows in timber clad aluminium.

Each year, LEIAB manufacture more than 50 000 products - side hung windows, tilt/turn windows, fixed windows, sliding doors and French doors are all made in our factory in Mariannelund, Sweden. We are a company that stay true to our word and always offer generous warranties on all of our products. Numerous customers have already chosen LEIAB windows and doors and you may find our products in more than 10 000 properties in various locations, including more than 200 properties in the UK. In the section “Inspiration” you can view some 350 of these in a slide show – a small selection sure to inspire you. For properties near you, please see the map in the section "References" where you can browse through reference photos from more than 2000 different properties in various parts of the world.

We offer you a choice of four window models where you can combine the frame and sash to create 16 different exteriors, and three interiors. All to ensure that you find the right style for your property. All products are custom made to your specifications, down to the last millimeter. This allows the fitting to be both faster and also much more convenient. The most exposed parts of the window, the frame and outer sash, are made out of strong aluminium fitted with weep holes. This prevents the window from rotting, and provides you with a product with a superior life span. The interior is made from timber with a high quality decorative finish.

Please see the window video below for more information on our products, and to see all of the benefits they can provide you with.

Starting January 2020 we will incorporate additional fixing points in the frame to enable easier fitting.

Click here for the new drawings.

LEIAB presentation 2020

LEIAB window video

A short description of the LEIAB window and its advantages.

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