We are protecting the natural environment

It goes without saying that we have a clearly drafted environmental policy that is adhered to by the production process from order to delivery of finished products. One example that can be mentioned is that as early as 2001 we replaced the solvent-based paint used for our wooden components with water-based paint.

It does not harm the external environment and it also creates a clean and safe working environment for our paint staff. We are also the first window manufacturer to start coating aluminium profiles in an environmentally friendly way. The method involves the complete replacement of chrome, which is hazardous to the environment, with environmentally friendly substances. The quality is the same.

In our unique window designs the part of the window which is exposed to the weather is constructed entirely out of maintenance-free aluminium. We consequently don’t need to use toxic preservatives to protect our product against rot. An additional environmental benefit, for both nature and our employees.

A long lifespan for both  the product and the environment

We have been developing and refining the product for many years, and it now has an extremely hard-to-beat service-life. Moreover, our windows are virtually maintenance-free.

All in all, this produces a very low life-cycle cost. It is definitely not a product which will need to be quickly replaced and it therefore also has a low environmental impact. However, no products last for ever. That’s why it is a matter of course for us to use recyclable materials in our production.

This is our environmental policy

LEIAB’s stated objective is to work for a better environment by endeavouring in its activities to:

  • Develop windows that are easy to maintain and energy-efficient.
  • Achieve a manufacturing process that is more resource-efficient/environmentally friendly.
  • Satisfy the customer’s environmental requirements.
  • Collaborate with environmentally conscious suppliers
  • Provide a label detailing all materials included in the products

LEIAB presentation 2024

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