Patio Doors Outwards Opening

LUD2504, Outward Opening Patio Door 2+1, Double Frame

Frame thickness:
250 mm
Sound reduction:
50 - 59 dB
0,8 W/m²K
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LEIAB can offer a new concept consisting of double frames in order to achieve very high levels of noise reduction. Virtually all of our models are available for the outer window or patio door. An inner window or patio door, made without the aluminium frame, is then fitted inside the outer product, creating a double frame solution. Using this system we can offer noise reduction of over 60 dB.

 Even using standard glass the noise reduction is substantial, meaning that the need for heavy laminated specialty glass is often eliminated. The outer and inner products are fitted seperately, with a minimum distance of 250 mm between them to ensure that maximum noise reduction is achieved. They can also be fitted wider apart if desired. We have performed sound tests on distances between 170-300 mm.

 Both units open separately. For the standard option both units are either inward opening with the outer sash passing the inner frame, or with the outer unit opening outward and the inner product opening inwards.

LUD2504 consists of LUD1001 + LID561 including MDF-board between the two frames.

Product images

Original configuration

Double Frame Double Frame Double Frame

Multi-light windows and accessories

Double Frame in Material Store Double Frame in Material Store


Drawings Haga

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Project name Maiden Lane
Client John Sisk & Son Ltd
Location/town London
Window model Stil