Persistence, precision and loyalty

LEIAB is located in Småland, a part of Sweden that is known for its persistence, precision and loyalty. Several of our staff members have been with us from the start and have thereby developed into expert craftsmen. A combination of modern production techniques, a finely tuned process with a clear allocation of responsibilities, and well established suppliers have contributed to the fact that today few can match the precision and quality of our supplies.

We keep our promises and offer generous warranties

We offer our customers a stable and secure investment. And we keep our promises. Your delivery arrives within the agreed time. Not before and not after. Furthermore, we always provide advance notification of the precise time that we are going to arrive.

Our production process is fine-tuned and nothing is left to chance. All products undergo quality control before being delivered. We know that the products that leave our factory live up to our promises, not just in terms of performance but also with respect to function. That’s why we provide generous warranties. A 10 year functional warranty as well as a 10 year warranty against condensation between the panes in both double and triple glazed windows.

This is our quality policy:

LEIAB’s end product shall be the result of an organisation that is focused on quality and puts the customer at the centre.

  • Staff will perform their allocated tasks as agreed and to budget, with personal responsibility and commitment, including follow-up and documentation.
  • Quality is the responsibility and concern of all employees.
  • Our quality system shall comply with ISO 9001. It shall be under continuous development including follow-up and documentation.
  • Quality is the highest priority and shall be regarded as a natural part of daily activities.
  • Work shall be carried out responsibly and loyalty shall be shown to each other and to the company.

RISE Certification

Our products are RISE certified, meaning they are regularly audited by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in Borås.
RISE Certification shows that the product conforms to all legal and government requirements but usually the products are tested to the even higher standards set by the market. The tests cover both functional aspects: air and water tightness, wind load, opening and closing tension, heat insulation, and robustness but they also include the materials and components used: wooden profiles, IGUs, sealing strips, caulking material, ironmongery etc.
Regular control visits and random testing of our products by RISE ensures we constantly self-monitor our production and rectify any problems without delay.

CE Certification

CE mark

Our products are also CE certified. This is mandatory for most building products, such as windows, within the EU since July 1st 2013.

Performance declarations can be downloaded from here or from our document archive.

QR Codes

As of September 2015, LEIAB has introduced the usage of QR codes on all of our windows and doors. A label with a QR code is attached to the inside of all frames. There is no need to worry about unsightly stickers, as they are positioned to fit seamlessly into the product.  The code can be useful when ensuring that products have been delivered and fitted, and above all it provides the customer with easy access to all specifications regarding their windows. By scanning the code with a smart phone, the user will receive the relevant specification for their product.

For example you can see the product designation, serial number, product sizing and delivery date. This information makes it easy to track a product should you require spare parts or if there are any questions regarding your product.

Certified Installers

We have good co-operation and experience of a lot of installers of our products. See some installers in the list below. As well a lot of our customers arrange the installation by themselves.


LEIAB presentation 2024

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