Tilt-turn function

Tilt-turn is a product where the window has a built-in ventilation mode. It is easier to work than a standard inwards opening window since it does not require the installation of a friction stay to hold the sash in place during ventilation.

Turning the handle 90° enables the tilt mode where the sash is opened for ventilation. Turning the handle 180° straight up activates the cleaning mode where the sash opens inwards like a standard window.

Below is a short video clip showing how the handle works in the tilt-turn windows.


Outwards opening door function

Below is a video clip showing the handle function for an outwards opening door.

Note that the friction stay is not designed to completely stop the door from moving while enabled. It is meant to merely slow the movement of the door, preventing it from violently moving in light drafts. It is not to be used in high-wind conditions.

Funciton of the double window with floating mullion

The double window with floating mullion is a feature that gives the look of a normal double window but without a fixed mullion.

This gives a slimmer profile and a larger space when both windows are opened.

The active sash is opened as a standard window and the passive sash is opened with the hidden lever as shown in the video clip below.


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