A well adapted factory

Our factory is purpose-built. The 10,000 m² building, which is over 200 metres long, provides excellent conditions for a good production flow. No unnecessary transportation between buildings and no material flows which meet or cross each other. Just one long, easily monitored process. Materials in at one end and finished windows out at the other.

The LEIAB factory

LEIAB 2007

LEIABs fabrik

LEIAB 2019


All LEIAB products are manufactured in our own plant which houses one of the largest and most modern window factories in Sweden, and that has a manufacturing capacity of 3,500 windows weekly.

A high degree of automatisation provides both a high consistent product quality, with a high efficiency, that means we can offer all customers high quality products at competitive prices.
You are welcome to visit us in Mariannelund, Sweden, situated 3 hours driving from Stockholm or Gothenburg.


LEIAB presentation 2024

LEIAB Factory Tour

A brief tour around our factory in Mariannelund, Sweden

LEIAB window video

A short description of the LEIAB window and its advantages.