Patio Doors Inwards Opening

LID1281, Inward Opening Patio Door 2+1 Glazing

Frame thickness:
128 mm
Sound reduction:
40 - 45 dB
0,9 - 1,1 W/m²K
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Original configuration

LID1281 LID1281

Alternative profiles

LID1281 LID1281

Multi-light windows and accessories

LID1281 LID1281 LID1281 LID1281 Fanlight Sidelight Close-up on the threshold


Drawings Royal

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MP-LID1281.2_212.pdf 2005 kb Download
MP-LID1281.2_212_AC.dwg 730 kb Download

Product Facts

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Project name Brf Ingegerd
Client Valbo Fönsterteknik AB
Location/town Uppsala
Window model Royal
Project name Kv Hjälmaren 12
Client Malmö Nya Bygg AB
Location/town Malmö
Window model Royal
Project name Material Store
Client Invest Mag Ltd.
Location/town London
Window model Royal