After Delivery

Sometimes additional support is needed after the delivery of our products. Our support division is to assist our customers with any questions or possible problems they have regarding our products.

We can assist with:

  • Instructions or help with adjustment of our windows for optimal functionality
  • Advice on the operation and maintenance of the LEIAB products
  • Ordering of complementing materials
  • In the event there is some defect in our product we can help with repairs or exchange if fautly components.

Our support division comprises of people who have worked many years in our manufacturing plant. They have extensive experience with our products and are familiar with most situations. Their support will ensure that you are fully satisfied with our products. During on-site support they will, if needed, have the assistance of people from our manufacturing that normally perform the tasks at hand.


Product maintenance

Installation instructions

O & M and Installation Manual

You can contact our support on:

Phone: +46 496 707 93

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