Dynamic solar protection

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Using dynamic solar protection means that you can seamlessly adjust the level of light transmission to achieve the best level of comfort – regardless of the time of day, or the time of year. We can offer LEIAB products with the dynamic glass ConverLight® by Chromogenics. This high-tech product uses an electric current to achieve this seamless transmission adjustment.

The greatest benefit of using dynamic solar protection is the high level of comfort that comes from being able to adjust the level of sunlight coming in, depending on the day. On a cloudy day you want to maximize the intake of natural light, while on a hot and sunny day you can lower the light intake to a minimum in order to keep the heat out. This means reduced costs for air conditioning, and eliminates the need for adding fixed solar protections such as blinds or awnings. In our reference section you can find inspiration from the products supplied to the Balder school in Sweden.


Product images



Project name Balderskolan
Client Peab Sverige AB
Location/town Skellefteå
Window model Haga
Project name Båstad Gruppen AB
Client Peab Byggservice AB
Location/town Ängelholm
Window model Haga
Project name Converlight aw
Client Chromogenics AB
Location/town Storuman
Window model Haga
Project name Katedern 12
Client Byggbolaget i Vetlanda AB
Location/town Gamleby
Window model Haga
Project name Kunskapsskolan
Client Chromogenics AB
Location/town Enköping
Window model Haga
Project name Shimano
Client AB Lindborg & Söner
Location/town Uppsala
Window model Haga
Project name Svartedalsskolan
Client Flodén Byggnads AB
Location/town Göteborg
Window model Haga
Project name Teglagården
Client Borgunda Bygghandel AB
Location/town Skara
Window model Haga