Unless previously agreed upon, and clearly stated in the contract, the following warranties apply on LEIAB products:

  • Terms of warranty according to the Swedish ABM07, with a general liability of 10 years commencing at the date of delivery.

  • In addition to ABM07, LEIAB also provide a 10 year warranty on product functionality, along with a 10 year warranty against condensation forming internally between the panes of the insulation glass unit.

  • In addition to ABM07, LEIAB also provide a 25 year warranty on aluminium extrusions, timber frame and powder coating.

The warranty terms are clearly stated on our quotation and order confirmation documents, as well as on our website. Please note that, as a customer, you do not require a printed warranty document for the warranty to be valid.


Warranty terms and conditions

  • The 10 year warranty on product functionality is only valid if the windows have been handled correctly. The warranty will not cover any damage that occurs due to incorrect fitting procedures, poor maintenance, damage from external forces, or careless handling. Please see our website for maintenance instructions regarding our products.

  • The 10 year warranty against condensation forming inside the insulation plane is valid from the date of production of the glass itself, and this date can be found on the spacer bar that separates the individual glass pane composing the IGU. This warranty is only valid if the glass pane has not been exposed to any abnormal strains, no additional manipulation such as cutting or shaping the glass plane have been made, and no paint, adhesives, blinds or heat reflecting treatment have been added.


Warranty limitations

  • There is no warranty against cracks in the glass.
  • The warranty only covers material and not the labour needed to correct faults which are covered by the warranty. This can mean product repair or replacement. The warranty does not cover any additional costs incurred, such as for scaffolding or lifts, or to restore the surroundings where the product is fitted.



LEIAB Windows Warranties Terms and Conditions 2020.1

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